Deep Sky

Deep Sky objects are far out from our Solar System (i.e galaxies, nebulae, star clusters...). You can find all my Deep Sky Observations in the Ursa's Deep Sky Archive. Simply insert "Allar Saviauk" into the observer field and you are able to see a list of all my Deep Sky drawings.

Solar System

Here you can see some drawings of objects in our Solar System. See more drawings produced by other Finnish observers.

The Sun

Sun Spots:
The Sun 2001 (September)
The Sun 2001 (August)
The Sun 2001 (June)


Transit of Mercury (2003)


Venus 28.3.2004
Transit of Venus (2004)


Mars 6.9.2005
Mars 27.8.2003
Mars 19.11.2001


Jupiter 14.5.2005
Jupiter 8.4.2004
Jupiter 2003
Jupiter 2002
Jupiter 2001


Saturn 28.3.2004
Saturn 14.3.2003
Saturn 14.2.2002
Saturn 2001


73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann (2006)
Ikeya Zhang (2002)
Kudo Fujikawa (2002)

The Moon

Plato 24.3.2002
Straight Wall 20.2.2002

Atmospheric Phenomena

Sometimes we don't have to look very far in order to see some interesting phenomena. Our own atmosphere can also provide some nice optical effects such as halos.

Halo Show 13.3.2002